In re Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. Cheese Antitrust Litig., 09-cv-03690, (N.D. Ill.)

March 17, 2014

On March 17, 2014, the Honorable Robert M. Dow preliminary approved Plaintiffs’ proposed $46,000,000 settlement of the claims against the DFA Defendants alleging that the DFA Defendants conspired to fix the prices of physical cheese and milk, and Class III milk futures contract prices in violation of the Sherman Act and the Commodity Exchange Act between April 2004 – December 2006. Class members should save their records of transactions and follow the official settlement website starting on March 27, 2014 for more information. The deadline to file a proof of claim is October 20, 2014. Lovell Stewart is lead counsel for the Plaintiff class. Contact Christopher McGrath (